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Today’s challenging business environment demands maximum organization in order to remain focused on their major asset i.e. their customers. Just a single satisfied customer can bring loads of business to their enterprise. Companies should work extremely hard to retain old customers, attract new ones, and maximize interactions with them. At DESSS, we provide excellent CRM consulting services to help an enterprise maximize the business value of its CRM investments. The SAP CRM provides a wide array of business procedures to offer better customer service, complaint processes, finding solutions, internet sales, customer satisfaction index, surveys, and analysis.


We provide the following SAP CRM services:


Implementation and upgrade services

  • Value added services like pre-implementation issues, their solutions, and post-implementation assessments
  • Training services
  • Integration services like integrating SAP CRM with SAP suite of products

Our experts offer excellent SAP CRM solutions to help you manage your customers efficiently. They have vast experience, an in-depth understanding of the technology, and the latest updated knowledge of what’s happening in the industry. For all your SAP CRM consulting services, call us @ (713) 589-6496.